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Motorcyclist Education Training and Licensing (METAL)

The Motorcyclist Education Training And Licensing (METAL) program is for people wishing to obtain a motorcycle licence in the NT. 


To book onto one of the available courses or to find out more about the METAL program, please call the MVR Call Centre on 1300 654 628 or drop in to your nearest Motor Vehicle Registry office.

Rider Training Course Information

Basic Riding Course

  • designed to provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills for the issue of a motorcycle learner’s licence, i.e. R(L)(r) 
  • candidates must be at least sixteen years of age before a class R(L)(r) learner's licence may be issued.

Transitional Riding Course

  • designed to provide the student with on road rider training to enhance motorcycle control skills, road-craft knowledge and confidence in riding on public roads. 
  • participants must hold a current “R(L)(r)” licence. 
  • the course is skills based only i.e. there is no licence outcome. 

Intermediate Riding Course

  • is designed to enhance motorcycle control and road-craft skills. 
  • the successful student is eligible for upgrade to a motorcycle licence class R(r). 
  • a pre-requisite for this course is participants must have held their R(L)(r) licence for a continuous period of 6 months. Bookings can only be made after the 6 month Learner period has lapsed. 

Advanced Skills Course

  • the Advanced Skills course is designed to offer structured training for motorcyclists who hold a current full motorcycle licence, either R or R(r). 
  • the course targets riders who wish to enhance their motorcycle control skills, road-craft techniques and motorcycle knowledge. 
  • students are to provide their own registered and roadworthy motorcycle. 

Additional Information



Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex, Berrimah.

Alice Springs

Motor Vehicle Registry, North Stuart Highway

Dress Standard (compulsory - minimum standard)


Jeans or similar, of ankle length.


Long sleeved heavy duty material, which must be able to be fastened at the front and wrists.


Leather, minimum standard, “Rigger” style gloves.  
Students are strongly urged to purchase gloves of their own choice prior to the course to ensure user comfort.
Note: Riggers gloves will be available for purchase at the training centre at an additional cost to students.


Enclosed footwear, minimum of sandshoes or joggers in good condition.

Eye Protection                      

Essential, minimum standard sunglasses


Approved motorcycle helmet

Rider training: it’s the best investment you can make in your riding future.

Please check with your nearest Motor Vehicle Registry office to find out more about the METAL program, course availability and times.

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