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Roadside Rest Areas & Truck Parking Bays in the Northern Territory

Truck Parking Bays and Rest Areas are two different types of roadside rest amenities that are well separated by location. Light vehicle motorists are not to use truck parking bays except in an emergency.

The Department of Transport has created a multilingual pamphlet titled Driving in the Northern Territory.

The pamphlet provides road safety and trip planning hints for visitors and includes a handy checklist for safer driving, distance information between major population centres and a map indicating rest areas throughout the Territory.


Rest Areas

Sign NT Map
Please click on the Image to view Maps of Stuart, Barkly and Victoria Highway

Definition: A formal area adjacent to the road enabling light vehicle motorists to take fatigue breaks.                                                                                                                            

Truck Parking Bays






Definition: A formal area adjacent to the road enabling operators of heavy vehicles to take fatigue breaks and address operational needs.

Truck parking bays are developed and provided to meet fatigue management and operational needs of heavy vehicle operators, and are kept separate from roadside rest areas which are predominantly for light vehicle motorists. Therefore, light vehicle motorists are reminded through various forms of signage and should be discouraged from using truck parking bays.

Truck parking bays are typically established to facilitate a stop for every hour of travel and as such are primarily spaced at approximately 80 km intervals, taking into account towns and commercial facilities. View Policy