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Public Transport Journey Planner

The Journey Planner is a collaboration between the Department of Transport and Google Maps Australia. It provides an easy to use travel tool for passengers planning their bus trip around Darwin, Alice Springs, Palmerston and the rural area.

The Journey Planner searches bus services by using a from and to destination address and the day and time of travel then displays the following information:

  • Available bus services
  • Bus route map
  • Bus stop locations
  • Landmarks and points of interest
  • Description and estimated travel time
  • Links back to full timetables

Here are 5 quick steps to using the Journey Planner.

  1. Open a webpage to Google maps
  2. Then click on the get direction icon on Google maps.
  3. Click on the bus icon to select public transport.
  4. Fill in section A and B with your departure and arrival locations and select your departure date and time from the drop down boxes.
  5. Then click on the blue get directions button and Google will run a search for you.

The search results will provide 3 travel options closest to the period of time you have selected. For further timetable information click on the picture of the bus and wait for a pop up box to appear then click on Route Information - for the full route timetable information.

For more information on using the from and to and the day and time check out the tips page here: Tips Page.