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Marine Safety

Tidal predictions

Monthly tidal predictions for Darwin, Melville Bay (Gove Harbour), Milner Bay (Groote Eylandt) and Centre Island (Borroloola) are provided free of charge as a community service and should be used solely for information and should not be used for any form of financial gain.

Written permission must be obtained from the Marine Safety Branch if tidal predictions are to be published in any form by completing the Application for the Supply of Tidal Predictions Form (46kb).

Tidal Predictions should not be published in any other form on any unauthorised website. This includes copying the information and placing it on another website. Such action would seriously breach the conditions of contract between the National Tidal Centre of the Bureau of Meteorology and the Northern Territory Government. NTC Conditions of Supply. Other websites are welcome to add a link to this site and the National Tidal Centre's website.

Marine Safety Branch can provide tidal predications in table format by post, facsimile or email. Tidal predictions sent by email are in PDF format. Predictions for Darwin are also available in graph (A4) format, however due to size of these documents, these cannot be emailed or faxed.

Predictions for the current week for all States and the Territory area available from the National Tidal Centre, Bureau of Meteorology and provides 'secondary' port variations for places/points around the coast.