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Marine Safety Information (MSI) is broken up into two main areas, weather and other MSI. The other MSI consists of information such as navigational aid details, obstructions and similar.


The Bureau of Meteorology is responsible for the broadcasting of weather on HF radio through a contract with TVNZ(A).

There are two sets of frequencies, one covering the East of Australia (VMC) the other the West (VMW), these are continually broadcasting on a four hour cycle which means weather for any one area is broadcast six times in any 24 hour period.

Other ways to access weather information

VHF broadcasts weather is also broadcast over VHF channel 67 by Coast Radio Darwin at 0803 and 1803 each day. This consists of the forecast for Darwin Harbour and surrounding areas plus the Coastal Waters Forecast for Daly River to Cape Don.

Phone for weather - there are various types of weather information that can be gained over the phone including:

  • 1900 955 367 – Coastal forecasts, warnings and observation bulletins.
  • 1300 659 214 – Non cyclone warnings including coastal waters and wind warnings.
  • 1300 659 211 – Tropical cyclone warnings and information.

(1300 numbers are equal to the cost of a local call; 1900 numbers have a cost per minute)

Coastal Coverage from Wiluna and Charleville Stations

Coastal Coverage from Wiluna and Charleville Stations

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Coast Radio Darwin Distress, Weather & Port Communication Frequencies


Weather communications from Wiluna and Charleville Stations
Transmissions will be on four HF frequencies simultaneously
White are day time only (7am to 6pm)
Red are night time only (6pm to 7am)
Black are 24 hours a day

Weather on the web

There is a wide range of weather available on the web which can be checked and printed before going on a days water outing including forecasts, warnings and observations. There is also a wide range of additional information on ways you access weather at

For today’s weather warnings and forecasts go to

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Other marine safety information (MSI)

All marine safety information, excluding weather, is broken down into eight segments around Australia and given a letter from A through to H. These areas are known as the Auscoast Areas or Navarea X.

Marine safety information is broadcast at 57 minutes past the hour somewhere in Australia, see schedule below, on HF radio 8176 kHz. Each HF station broadcasts the warnings for its adjacent area plus the one either side. A Sat-C system instantly receives them as they are issued.

Coast Radio Darwin Distress, Weather & Port Communication Frequencies


Station Primary Secondary Area
Adelaide 0357 UTC 0757 UTC D,E,F
Cairns 2357 UTC 1257 UTC H,A,B
Darwin 0157 UTC 0957 UTC G, H, A
Darwin 1127 (local) 1927 (local) G, H, A
Gladstone 2257 UTC 1157 UTC A, B, C
Hobart 0557 UTC - C, D, E
Melbourne 0257 UTC 2157 UTC C, D, E
Perth 0657 UTC 1057 UTC E, F, G
Port Headland 0457 UTC 0857 UTC F, G, H
Sydney 0057 UTC 1357 UTC B, C, D