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Marine Safety

Marine Pollution Control

The Department of Transport through the Marine Safety Branch is responsible for marine pollution prevention and response activities.

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority administers the NT Marine Pollution Act 1999 and Marine Pollution Regulations.

The purpose of the Marine Pollution Act 1999 is to protect the marine and coastal environment by minimising intentional and negligent discharges of ship sourced pollutants into coastal waters.

The About the new Marine Pollution legislation fact sheet is available in HTML format.

Operators of vessels will be required to familiarise themselves with this legislation.

Northern Territory Oil Spill Contingency Plan

The Northern Territory Oil Spill Contingency Plan outlines the steps required for the management of marine oil pollution responses that are the responsibility of the NT Department of Transport, Marine Branch (DLP Marine).

National plan

The Marine Safety Branch on behalf of the Department of Transport is responsible for the NT Marine Pollution Contingency Plan which supports the National Plan to Combat Pollution of the sea by Oil and other Noxious and Hazardous Substances (the National Plan).

Participants in the NT Marine Pollution Contingency Plan include Government departments, port corporations, oil and chemical industry representatives and the Police and Emergency Services.

To support the NT Marine Pollution Contingency Plan, the Marine Safety Branch:

  • Provides administrative support for the NT Marine pollution Advisory Committee (State Committee)
  • Coordinates oil spill exercises
  • Maintains oil spill response equipment
  • Conducts Oil Spill Courses.

Reporting marine pollution

To report a marine pollution incident contact the:

  • Pollution Response Line - 1800 064 567

For further information contact the Marine Safety Branch.

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