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Commercial Passenger Vehicles

About Us

The Commercial Passenger Vehicles (CPV) Branch is responsible for developing and implementing policies and standards within legislative frameworks for the CPV industry.  The CPV Branch also advises the Government and Minister on industry issues.

The Branch regulates the CPV industry and processes operator accreditations, industry driver licensing, administers the NT Taxi Subsidy and Lift Incentive Schemes, and monitors compliance and the management of complex complaints.

In Focus

Honda Civic Taxi Trial

The Department of Transport has approved a three month trial of the Honda Civic to assess its suitability as a taxi. The Honda Civic will operate as a standard taxi during the trial and will be required to meet all legislative and vehicle standards requirements, with the exception that the vehicle will be dark grey in colour.

All stakeholders, including members of the public, are encouraged to provide feedback on the Honda Civic regarding its suitability as a taxi. Comments may include areas such as passenger comfort and safety.

Any person wishing to comment should write to:

The Manager, Commercial Passenger Vehicles
GPO Box 2520
Darwin NT 0800

Alternately, comments may be submitted via email to

Please note that comments should be made prior to 28 November 2014 for consideration by the Department.

Exemptions to the Australian Road Rules

From 1 February 2013, all drivers of commercial passenger vehicles (as defined in the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act) are exempt from rules 265 (3) and 266 (1) of the Australian Road Rules for the purpose of driving passenger vehicles to carry passengers for hire or reward.

The exemption is subject to the following conditions:

(a)  if there is an approved child restraint available in a vehicle it must be used in accordance with rule 266 (2), 266 (2A) and 266 (2B) of the Australian Road Rules; and

(b)  if a vehicle has 2 or more rows of seats, a passenger who is under 4 years old must not travel in the front row of seats; and

(c)  if a vehicle has 2 or more rows of seats a passenger who is 4 years old or older, but is less than 7 years old, must not travel in the front row of seats unless all of the other seats in the row or rows behind the front row are occupied by passengers who are also under 7 year old.

See further exemptions to the Australian Road Rules.