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Commercial Passenger Vehicles

Commercial Passenger Vehicles (CPV) Industry Review

Have you ever used, drive or own a taxi, minibus, private hire or tourist carrying vehicle? It is now time for you to have your say.

In November 2014 Government announced the commencement of the CPV industry review.

Further information can be found here.

About Us

The Commercial Passenger Vehicles (CPV) Branch is responsible for developing and implementing policies and standards within legislative frameworks for the CPV industry.  The CPV Branch also advises the Government and Minister on industry issues.

The Branch regulates the CPV industry and processes operator accreditations, industry driver licensing, administers the NT Taxi Subsidy and Lift Incentive Schemes, and monitors compliance and the management of complex complaints.

In Focus

Extension to Trial: 12 months CPV inspection intervals

In December 2012, the Department commenced a two year trial which saw inspection requirements increase from 6 month to 12 month intervals for all commercial passenger vehicles (CPVs). During the trial period, the Department has monitored feedback from industry and the public as well as vehicle safety and cosmetic standards. As there is no evidence that vehicle safety has reduced during the trial, the trial period will be extended to align with the outcomes of the CPV review which is currently underway.

The Department will continue to accept public and industry comment on CPV inspection requirements during this period of extension. Any comments should be submitted via email to